ARPnet IT Services

Solutions made to measure

We’re a young start-up, focused on creating high-quality software solutions

for our partners in industry and research.


Our developers build everything from mobile applications up to complete server architectures. They are excellent at breaking down complex problems into simple solvable tasks.

Appropriate solutions to any problem.


We cover the full development life cycle of your software project, from the initial concept and design to its implementation, verification and validation.

Accompanying all project phases.


We are familiar with European and international quality standards for development and documentation and apply them at the customer’s option.

Just the documentation I need.
Software Development

We’re a team of ambitious developers.


Our key area of expertise lies in the development of specialized software solutions for enterprise customers and research institutes alike.

Whether it’s a desktop, mobile or web application, whether it’s API, libraries or microservices, we deliver the product best suited to your project’s needs.


IT Infrastructure provision

Building on reliable infrastructure.

Software solutions are as efficient as their platform allows them to be.

Intensive computation, low-latency data storage or secure world-wide data access all pose very different requirements to IT infrastructure. We provide the platform best suited to your product.

We deploy high-availability clusters, virtual plaforms and cloud solutions that meet the highest standards of reliability and availability.

More than 5 years of experience

We offer a wide range
of services

Client-Server Architectures

Two or three-tier software architecture for multi-user client applications connected to a central server.

Mobile Development

Android and iOS mobile applications, connecting to central servers via web API.

Web Development

Modern web interfaces accessible around the world using a standard web browser.

Processing Backends

Background services designed to automate your technological or business processes.

Scientific Algorithms

Problem analysis and implementation of numerical high-performance algorithms.

Cloud Development

Fast and efficient cloud solutions for distributed high-performance computing.


Highly-available clustered platforms suitable for critical business applications.

We take it seriously

Working towards
your project goals

It is our goal to lead your project to a success within its given timeframe. We therefore work in close coordination with our customers and our development process allows quick reaction to change.

Full Project Life Cycle

We cover the full development life cycle of your software project, from the initial concept and preliminary design, up to its implementation and verification.

Dynamic Team

Use of modern development paradigms (DevOps, Scrum, etc.) allows us to stay on top of dynamic projects with changing requirements and schedule.


Your project benefits from our experience in documentation and development according to European and international quality standards (ECSS, ISO).

100% focused on your project goals

Professional Solutions for
Your IT Project

If you want to discuss a future project, write us a message using our contact e-mail
and we’ll get back to you in no time!

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Send us your request for proposal, a statement of work or a general outline of the envisaged project through our contact e-mail.

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Our team will review your request and contact you in case of technical questions. As soon as the project is outlined enough, we will provide you with a formal quote and financial offer.